Interested in referring your patients to our pharmacy?

The healthcare landscape is changing, and patients are continually facing higher deductibles, higher copays, and fewer medications covered. We know medical providers are concerned about the prices their patients will face for the medications they prescribe, and we’re here to help. We specialize in providing caring, affordable pharmaceutical care, and offer several unique programs designed to help your patients save money.

It’s easy to refer patients to our pharmacy so they can take advantage of our special programs!

Step 1

Send prescription to Double Oak Mountain Pharmacy.

  • Prescription may be called in at 205-991-0800.
  • Prescription may be faxed to 205-991-0810.
  • Prescription may be sent electronically via e-prescription.

Step 2

Notify patient that our pharmacy will contact them once the prescription is received to confirm prescription, patient information, and payment information.

Step 3

Prescription is sent to patient via mail, or prescription may be picked up at store.

Once patient receives medication, they can request refills via our website or by contacting the pharmacy directly.

If your office has any questions about our pharmacy or price, please contact us!